Helpful Skincare Tips to Keep You Face Fabulous Under the Florida Sun

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Beneath the hot Florida sun, we’ve all had our share of skincare disasters, and the team at Nail Art in Fort Myers are here to help you avoid one this summer. When the weather warms up and the days get brighter, it’s important to remember you’ll want to look your best under bright sunlight, which isn’t the most flattering light source!

When summer rolls in, you can achieve the goal of having your skin look the best that it possibly can so that you can use fresher, lighter makeup formulas.

Face Care Tips from Nail Art

 Let’s begin at the foundation of good skincare: cleansing. Ditch the face wipes – we’re talking about using two separate cleansers! Use the first cleanser to remove any makeup, followed by a second cleanser, which will completely remove any debris or excess oil.

Keeping Things Bright with Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the next most important stage in the skincare cycle. At Nail Art, we agree that everyone ages, and as we do, we need to help our skin push off the dead cells. When you exfoliate, your skin becomes much clearer and much brighter. Let’s put it harshly if you haven’t gotten it yet: if you are applying expensive products, and they are sitting on dead skin, you are wasting your money.

There are a couple of exfoliation techniques you can use, such as a manual exfoliator, toners that exfoliate the face, and more. All skin types benefit from exfoliation, just do the research and find out which ones are best for you.

Facials and Why They Are Important

You can also get great exfoliation from a facial. This skincare service can clear up pores and brighten the face. We suggest getting a facial at least three times a year – we understand that life (or your budget) can get in the way of caring for your skin. That’s why if you can’t get facials every four to six weeks, try to come in for one at least once a season.

We all know the basic rules when it comes to healthy skin: cleanse, moisturize and put on tons of SPF. But even living up to these standards, it’s still possible for our faces looking a little…dull. Stress, pollution, sweat and makeup can all be a recipe for skin disaster. The right facial can cleanse your face, clear up problems with your skin and moisturize it into a healthy glow.

Protection From the Sun

Even if you are wearing a daily SPF when you exfoliate, your skin will become sensitive to the sun after you do it. Sunscreens for the face aren’t as heavy and thick as they used to be. With technology and different formulations, sunscreen has improved over the years. There are even great face sunscreens, which will protect your skin from the sun while moisturizing as well.

The humidity and sun in warmer months can lead to sun damage or breakouts, and the cold winter air can dry your skin out. By getting a facial at least three times a year, you will be doing your part to help protect your skin from seasonal exposure.

Change Up Your Makeup

In the summer we opt for lighter, more luminous looks. Perhaps the biggest change you’ll see when it comes to summer makeup is when you change your foundation. Ditch heavy winter foundations and look out for a light base foundation or tinted moisturizers to even out skin tone. Compliment your lighter foundation base with cream blushers, tinted lip balms, and cream based eye shadows. Keep the look fresh and bright for the days of summer.

We hope at Nail Art, (nail salon at Orange Grove in North Fort Myers), we have lent a helping hand before the seasons change! Moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate and change up your makeup routine for the perfect summer look. We guarantee if you work these suggestions into your skincare routine, you’ll be looking forward to stepping out into the Florida sun.

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