How to Modernize Your Nails with Our Unique and Stylish Nail Shapes

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Are you searching for a new look for your nails this season? You don’t have to ditch your favorite shade or make any drastic moves. Instead, you can experiment with nail shapes to modernize and freshen up your look. At our nail salon in Fort Myers, FL we love to help our clients choose the best shape for their hands and personality, and we’d like to give you the rundown on seven sleek nail shapes that you can wear.


This is a simple shape practically made for short nails. They extend only slightly past your nail bed and maintain the nail’s natural shape. This look is simple and classic and the easiest to maintain with its short length and naturally curved edge – a no-fuss possibility for anyone who puts their fingers to work.

It’s best for: elongating stubby or short fingers

Wear these with: Any shade you can imagine from the boldest brights to the sheerest nudes.


This shape can be spotted on the runways – its feminine shape elongates nails in width and height, similar to almond, but with more blunt, delicate-looking tips. If you have longer nails and desire a slimmer, more feminine look, oval nails will also make your hands look longer. If you want to slim the appearance of your fingers, this is a great option.

It’s best for: wide nail beds, long length fingernails

Wear these with: nail art


A standard square shape with straight edges gives these nails a subtle edge without much effort at all. When they are filed short, they won’t break easily, making this a practical choice for the low maintenance ladies in the crowd.

It’s best for: wide nail beds, short length

Wear these with: high shine solid shades

SQUOVAL (Square Oval)

Part oval, part square, the soft, naturally curved edges aren’t too round or too sharp, making them flattering universally for all hand shapes and sizes. This look is slightly less intense than square nails and will look nice manicured.

Best for: Minimalists

Wear these with: Geometric nail art or cream finish pastels


The long and slim shape is squared off right at the tip, giving the nails an appearance of a coffin or a ballerina shoe. If you have naturally long, sturdy nails or are willing to get artificial ones, and you’re looking to try something unconventional, these may be the shape for you. Just keep in mind, meticulous salon upkeep is critical for this look.

Best for: acrylic and gel nail enthusiasts

Wear these with: pale neutrals or simple nail art


Looking to try to take oval nails further? Try the almond. Instantly slenderizing and modern looking, the almond is characterized by slim sides meeting with a rounded point. The narrow ending at the rounded point elongates the hands, making them appear more slender.

Best for: Long, slim fingers

Wear these with: neutral polishes with a metallic element


No one can deny that these nails look cool, but impractical for day-to-day functioning. Unless you have Adele’s manicure squad and don’t have to work, this look is high maintenance. If you want to rock the Stiletto, make sure you can realistically manage these nails by looking for pointy press on nails to experiment beforehand.

Best for: elongating nails and fingers

Wear these with: sheer shades or tasteful designs

Now, it’s no secret to us that nails can make or break an outfit or look (we’re writing to you from our Nail Art nail salon in Fort Myers, Florida!). Perfectly polished nails speak to your entire appearance. Just like nails can leave a lasting impression and heighten our moods, your nails need the most flattering nail shape for your tips as much as it needs the right color.

Mapping Nail Shape at Nail Art 

We help our clients pick out nail shapes every day. When it comes to the right nail shape, it’s all about proportions. The main focus here is to elongate and accentuate the nails. After all, nails are made to complement your hands and make them look more beautiful.

The key takeaway here is that there are nail shapes to make your hands appear elongated, or make your hands appear shorter. There are looks that accentuate the width or height of a nail bed, some to bring out a slimmer, shorter nail bed. Take a look at our guide to the best shape for each nail. These are the questions we ask each client who hasn’t decided on a nail shape when they come to us for a consultation.

Do you have long fingers?

If yes, is your nail bed long or short?

For nail beds that are longer, are they wide or narrow?  

For short fingers with a long, wide nail bed, go for oval.  

For short fingers with a long, narrow nail bed, go for round.

Do you have short fingers?  

If yes, is your nail bed long or short?

For short fingers with a short nail bed, determine if they are wide or narrow.  

For short fingers with short, wide nail beds, choose squoval.

For short fingers with short, narrow nail beds, choose almond.

Do you have longer fingers?

Is your nail bed short?

If yes is the nail bed wide? Choose oval. If narrow, choose almond.  

Is your nail bed long instead? For wide nail beds, choose squoval.

For narrow nail beds choose square.

Nail Shape and Personality

Behavioral experts (and we!) believe that the way you naturally file your nails and the shape you stick with speaks to your personality.

Square Nails

Women with these nails are sophisticated and trendy. Square nails are short, which means that the woman who wears them is a perfectionist who trims and files her nails regularly. She likes to get to the point in a subtle way. Independent spirits might appreciate square nails because when squared, nails are at their strongest shape.

Round Nails

This shape is classic and beautiful, perfect for the woman who has her own style rather than following fashion trends or copying what others are doing.

Oval Nails

Women who are flexible and outgoing go oval. She knows how to accessorize her hands, and she is romantic and feminine, yet practical.

Almond and Stiletto Nails

Women with pointy nails are intense and fierce. Her nails always manage to make a strong statement on their own, no matter how they are painted.

Squoval Nails

Women with squoval nails are classic and confident, but with a bit of edge. She wants something that will look at home at work or on a date, but she wants to be modern, too.

Coffin/Ballerina Nails

The woman who chooses coffin nails is modern and daring. She knows who she is and she’s never afraid to stand out in a crowd.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and we set you off on the fast track to nail-shaping glory! If you’re local to “Nail Art,” our nail salon in Fort Myers, feel free to drop by to talk about your favorite nail shape. You can find us online at, we’ll be waiting to hear from you soon!

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